Easy Gardening Activities for Kids

Let your kids send a message with flowers when you play By the Letter.
Let your kids send a message with flowers when you play By the Letter.
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Easy Gardening Activities for Kids get children involved in a healthy project while learning about nature. Teach kids about the way plants grow, or let them help decorate your yard.

You'll have hours of fun watching your kids develop gardening skills and learning valuable lessons at the same time. Easy gardening activities are a great way to teach your kids skills they will use in years to come.


On the following pages, you'll get great ideas for gardening activities that will spark your kid's imaginations.

Good Old Days

Give your kids a history lesson in gardening when you play Good Old Days. Learn this easy gardening activity for kids and appreciate the advances we've made.

Dig It Up

This easy gardening activity teaches kids how to prepare top-quality gardening soil for a healthy garden. Read about Dig It Up, and get ready to get dirty.

Respiring Plants

How do plants breathe? This easy gardening activity helps kids learn how plants live.

Floral Advertising

Teach kids why flowers are beautiful with this easy gardening activity. Observe flowers and insects with your kids when you play Floral Advertising.

Save a Seed

You won't need to buy seeds next year if you teach your kids this easy gardening activity. Learn how to Save a Seed, and propagate your own garden.

Pineapple Party

Have a Pineapple Party and teach your kids how to grow a pineapple tree in your very own home. Get directions for this easy gardening activity.

Such a Sap

This easy gardening activity will have meaning and life for years to come. Plant a tree with your kids when you play Such a Sap.

By the Letter

Create messages in your garden when you and your kids perform this easy gardening activity. Find out how to grow your garden By the Letter.

Plant Your Socks?

Your kids will be stunned at the results of this easy gardening activity. Learn just how many seeds and spores are on the ground when you play Plant Your Socks?

Teach your kids what gardening used to be like. Read about Good Old Days, an easy gardening activity, on the next page.

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