Easy Fitness Activities for Kids

Frantic Flying Disk

Frantic flying disk is an easy fitness activity that will have your kids running around the yard for hours. Free your flying disk to sail to new heights!

What You'll Need:

  • Flying disk (such as a Frisbee)
  • Hula hoop

Tossing a flying disk with a friend or a dog is a great way to keep fit -- and it's fun to do all by yourself also! And you can add a new challenge to the popular game.

How to Play Frantic Flying Disk:

Step 1: See how easy (or how hard) it is to send your flying disk sailing through a hula hoop from five paces away.

Step 2: Too easy? Move back 10 paces from the hoop. Still not tough enough? Try it from 16 paces away.

This game makes a great competition between friends or whole teams.

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