Easy Fitness Activities for Kids

Hike and Hunt

Hike and hunt is an engaging outdoor fitness activity for kids.
Hike and hunt is an engaging outdoor fitness activity for kids.
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Hike and hunt is an easy fitness activity that gets kids outside and keeps them occupied for hours. Teach kids to keep their eyes on the great outdoors!

What You'll Need:

  • Plastic magnifying glass
  • Paper
  • Pencil

How to Play Hike and Hunt:Step 1: The next time you take a hike in the woods or a nature area in your neighborhood, keep your eyes open for signs of wildlife. Are there bird feathers on the trail? Have local animals left tracks in the mud or sand? Are there bits of fur trapped in the bushes? What signs of nature can you find?

Step 2: What clues do those signs offer to the animals' ways of life? Use the magnifying glass for up-close looks at items that catch your eye. Make notes of your observations.

Step 3: Hike the same path a week later and make more observations. What has changed? What hasn't?

You can hike and observe regularly over a longer period, keep a nature journal, and learn something while you are exercising those legs!

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