Easy Beach Activities for Kids

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These easy beach activities for kids are not only fun, they teach kids the importance of water as a natural resource. Nothing can live without water -- streams, seashores, ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water attract a huge variety of fish and other marine life.

But animals aren't all you should notice. Many plants have developed interesting adaptations to live in wetlands or near seashores. Wetlands of all kinds are terrific places for your family to see and hear nature at work.

Beach Image Gallery

Follow the links below to find exciting, educational beach activities to help your kids understand water.

Beach in a Pan

Create your own mini beach in a pan and watch the power of water at work.

Sounds of Nature

Listen to the birds, wind, and crackling leaves of nature in this relaxing outdoor activity.

Whale Watching

Learn how to spot the world's largest mammals while on a beach trip to the Atlantic or Pacific oceans.

Keep reading for an easy beach activity that recreates how beach erosion happens in nature -- right before your very eyes.

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