Easy Art Projects for Kids

Herb Collage

An herb collage is an easy art project for kids that uses kitchen herbs and spices to make a scented design. See how many different colors, textures, and smells your kids can find in the pantry!

What You'll Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Craft glue
  • Herbs and spices such as parsley flakes, cinnamon, or chili powder

How to Make an Herb Collage:

Step 1: Spread one area of the construction paper with a layer of glue. Cover it with spices such as parsley flakes, cinnamon, and chili powder.

Step 2: Let the glue dry, then shake off the excess spices.

Step 3: Add dots and lines of glue to the design, and sprinkle on more herbs and spices. Once the glue dries, shake off the excess herbs.

Experiment with other spices and herbs to add a variety of colors and fragrances to your pictures.

Lots of easy art projects can be created from objects found around the house. Learn how to make an assemblage work of art in the next section.

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