Easy Animal Activities For Kids

Marsh Watch

A marsh watch is a fun and educational animal activity that gets your family close to water wildlife. Wetlands, which provide water, dense cover, and sources of food, are ideal places to watch wildlife.

Look around your community for marshes and other wetlands where you can observe animals. Many wetlands are preserved in National Wildlife Refuges, in parks, and on private land. There is bound to be a place with open, shallow water that you can visit.

What You'll Need:

  • Notepad and pencil

How to Do a Marsh Watch:Step 1: When you visit a marsh, move slowly and quietly so you don't disturb the wildlife, especially in the spring and early summer when birds are nesting.

Step 2: Find a place near the water's edge where you can sit comfortably.

A good observation spot will have some shrubs you can hide under, yet still have a clear view.

Step 3: Be still and silent for at least 15 minutes. It takes that long or longer for the animals nearby to get used to your presence.

Step 4: As the animals come out and become active again, take notes on what you observe. The more often you visit, the more you will see.

Take your observational skills to the forest, meadow, or beach. Go trail tracking in the next section.

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