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Decorative Crafts for Kids

Decorate a Door

Your door takes on a whole new look.
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You can turn an ordinary room into something special when you decorate a door. Make the entrance to your favorite place look like a mountain or a beach, or make a giant collage of your favorite things, like dogs or race cars. Express yourself however you'd like.

What You'll Need

Measuring tape



Butcher paper, wrapping paper, or mailing paper

Markers or poster paints and paintbrush

Removable tape

Old magazines

Craft glue

How to Make the Decorate a Door Craft

Step 1: Measure your bedroom door. Cut out a rectangle the same dimensions as your door from paper.

Step 2: Cut out a hole for the doorknob.

Step 3: Use markers or poster paints to decorate the paper. (For example, you could create an underwater scene, a skiing scene, or a giant "Do Not Disturb" sign.) Or, if you don't want to draw or paint a scene, make a giant collage for your door decoration. Cut out pictures from old magazines and glue them to the paper, covering the whole sheet.

Step 4: After the paint or glue has dried, tape the collage to your door.

For decorating on a smaller scale, start with a small box -- and decoupage it! It's a fun craft that makes an ordinary box look special. Keep reading to learn more.

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