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Decorative Crafts for Kids

Quilt Picture

A quilt picture looks like an old-fashioned quilt, but it takes less time to make.
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This quilt picture looks like a real, old-fashioned quilt, but there's no sewing -- and it takes less time to create than the real thing. It's like a miniature quilt that you can easily frame and hang it on your wall. It looks so pretty, you just might want to make more than one.

What You'll Need



Graph paper


Blunt scissors

Lightweight cardboard

Fabric scraps

Craft glue

Old paintbrush

How to Make a Quilt Picture

Step 1: Practice drawing your quilt design on a piece of graph paper. Use a ruler to help you draw the triangles and squares of the quilt pattern.

Step 2: Measure the exact size of the triangles and squares in the design and cut them from cardboard to make the pattern pieces.

Step 3: Place each pattern piece on the fabric scraps and trace around it. Cut out the fabric pieces.

Step 4: Use an old paintbrush to coat the back of each piece with glue.

Step 5: Following the quilt design you drew on graph paper, glue the fabric on the cardboard. After it's dry, trim the cardboard and frame your quilt picture.

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