Decorative Crafts for Kids

Your room will seem very special when you enter through this decorated door.
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Kids love to create different crafts, and this collection of decorative crafts is sure to please. From making a quilt picture that looks like a miniature version of the real thing to creating a decorative door, these crafts are fun and entertaining for kids -- and adults too.

The crafts described in the following articles are simple enough that most kids can make them with little or no help from a grown-up, but moms and dads may want to join in, just because the decorative crafts are so enjoyable.


Quilt Picture

You can make a quilt picture that looks almost like a real quilt -- except it's small enough to frame. Find out how.

Decorate a Door

Why have a plain door when you can use yours as a blank canvas? Learn how to decorate it!

Decoupage Art Box

Decoupage is a fun way to decorate a plain box with magazine pictures. See how to create this special box.

Glitter Jars

Tip your glitter jar upside down and watch the swirling patterns. Learn how to make this mesmerizing craft.

Doorknob Hangers

Leave and receive notes from your family on your doorknob hanger. Find out how to make it.

Quilting is an age-old craft, but it takes a lot of time and patience. But you can make a quilt picture that looks like the real thing. Keep reading to learn how.

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A quilt picture looks like an old-fashioned quilt, but it takes less time to make.
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This quilt picture looks like a real, old-fashioned quilt, but there's no sewing -- and it takes less time to create than the real thing. It's like a miniature quilt that you can easily frame and hang it on your wall. It looks so pretty, you just might want to make more than one.

What You'll Need


Graph paper


Blunt scissors

Lightweight cardboard

Fabric scraps

Craft glue

Old paintbrush

How to Make a Quilt Picture

Step 1: Practice drawing your quilt design on a piece of graph paper. Use a ruler to help you draw the triangles and squares of the quilt pattern.

Step 2: Measure the exact size of the triangles and squares in the design and cut them from cardboard to make the pattern pieces.

Step 3: Place each pattern piece on the fabric scraps and trace around it. Cut out the fabric pieces.

Step 4: Use an old paintbrush to coat the back of each piece with glue.

Step 5: Following the quilt design you drew on graph paper, glue the fabric on the cardboard. After it's dry, trim the cardboard and frame your quilt picture.

Why have a plain old door when you can make it a work of art? Learn more about how to decorate a door on the next page.

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Your door takes on a whole new look.
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You can turn an ordinary room into something special when you decorate a door. Make the entrance to your favorite place look like a mountain or a beach, or make a giant collage of your favorite things, like dogs or race cars. Express yourself however you'd like.

What You'll Need

Measuring tape


Butcher paper, wrapping paper, or mailing paper

Markers or poster paints and paintbrush

Removable tape

Old magazines

Craft glue

How to Make the Decorate a Door Craft

Step 1: Measure your bedroom door. Cut out a rectangle the same dimensions as your door from paper.

Step 2: Cut out a hole for the doorknob.

Step 3: Use markers or poster paints to decorate the paper. (For example, you could create an underwater scene, a skiing scene, or a giant "Do Not Disturb" sign.) Or, if you don't want to draw or paint a scene, make a giant collage for your door decoration. Cut out pictures from old magazines and glue them to the paper, covering the whole sheet.

Step 4: After the paint or glue has dried, tape the collage to your door.

For decorating on a smaller scale, start with a small box -- and decoupage it! It's a fun craft that makes an ordinary box look special. Keep reading to learn more.

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Make a decoupage art box with this fun and creative craft. You start with a plain box, choose some cutouts, and add glue. Decoupage is basically the art of applying cutouts to a surface and then coating it with several layers of glue. This will give your box a lacquered, or shiny, appearance.

Find pictures of your favorite things; make a theme, such as dinosaurs, angels, or flowers; or ask a grown-up to print some copies of your family photographs. It's up to you!

What You'll Need


Blunt scissors

Wrapping paper or old magazines (for cutouts)

Craft glue



Old paintbrushes

Wooden box (available at craft stores)

Water-based polyurethane

How to Make a Decoupage Art Box

Step 1: Cover your work surface with newspaper.

Step 2: Carefully cut out the pictures that you want to paste on your box.

Step 3: Once you have gathered all the pictures you will need to decorate your box, position them on the box to create a scene.

Step 4: Dilute some glue with water.

Step 5: Remove the pictures from the box, and coat the back of the pictures with the diluted glue completely and evenly.

Step 6: Press them back onto the box. Smooth out any bubbles.

Step 7: Let it dry.

Step 8: Apply a coat of polyurethane to the box. Let it dry completely, then apply a second coat.

A glitter jar makes a great gift -- it's pretty to look at, and it can be used as a paperweight. Learn more about it on the next page.

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A glitter jar makes an interesting paperweight.
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It's easy and fun to make a glitter jar. Start with an empty glass jar, and it will soon become a mesmerizing paperweight or knickknack. (It even makes a great gift.)

Gently shake your glitter jar, and watch the contents "swim" and swirl around before floating back to the bottom. You won't be able to take your eyes off it!

What You'll Need

White corn syrup


Small glass jar with a tight fitting lid (like a baby food jar)

Food coloring (optional)

Decorative items, such as glitter and sequins

Epoxy or super-hold glue

Acrylic paints and paintbrush (optional)

How to Make a Glitter Jar

Step 1: Mix corn syrup and water together in the jar.

Step 2: For each 4 ounces of corn syrup, mix in 1 tablespoon of water.

Step 3: If you want to add color to the mixture, put in 1 drop of food coloring.

Step 4: Add glitter and sequins. You can also add plastic charms, such as a little fish, to make your jar into an underwater scene.

Step 5: With an adult's help, glue the lid on the jar. Let the glue dry.

Step 6: Decorate the lid and jar using acrylic paints.

A doorknob hanger is a decorative way to leave or receive notes for the family. Find out how to make one on the next page.

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Make a doorknob hanger for every season.
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These doorknob hangers are decorative and fun to make. You might even want to make several so that you can change your doorknob hanger for each season, for holidays, or "just because."

And when you add the notepad, the doorknob hanger becomes a message center where you can leave notes for your family -- or they can leave one for you.

What You'll Need

Poster board



Blunt scissors


Self-stick removable notes

Construction paper

Craft glue

How to Make a Doorknob Hanger

Step 1: Refer to the illustration at the right and draw a 4x8-inch doorknob hanger pattern on a piece of poster board.

Step 2: Cut the pattern out and trace it three times on the poster board. Cut out each piece -- you will have four doorknob hangers.

Step 3: Decorate each one to match a season. A summer hanger might have a sprig of flowers with summer bugs crawling up it or children diving into a pool. Leave a space toward the bottom for the notepad.

Step 4: For the notepad, place the self-stick removable notes on the doorknob hanger.

Step 5: Cut a strip of construction paper to make a pencil holder loop. Glue it to the side of the notepad.

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