Craft Glossary

Craft Glossary Q-S

Quilting Squares

Many people who start quilting start really small by joining a few interesting pieces of cloth, and most just keep going until they have a quilt! Squares are available in bulk or you can make your own from clothing, bedding or other fabrics that have sentimental value and add them in patterns of your own design until you have a completed quilt in the desired size.


A deceptively simple décor tool, ribbon adds the finishing touch to fabric works, scrapbook covers and journal pages, and wraps and gathers decorative twigs or other dried foliage. It also works well for attaching homemade books and adorning cards and gifts.


Add-on sconces are simple to hang and provide options for displaying objects such as crafted vases and frames, and, they can be painted and detailed to become décor items themselves, adding dimension to flat or bare walls.


Part memories, part art and plenty of originality, scrapbooking turns life events, words and photos into books and works of personal art. Using just paper, glue, stickers, and borders -- not to mention endless shapes, sizes and colors, and add-ons and textured pieces -- it is a bottomless craft: Designs can be entirely personal and unique over and over again.

Scrapbooking Paper and Cardstock

Millions of colors, textures, weights and shapes fill the bins and organizers of stores and home craft rooms, and whether composing by theme, life event or subject, there's a paper for that.

Screen Printing

Transferring images by filtering paint or ink through patterned and layered screens onto fabric, canvas or other surfaces.

Spray Paint

A quick-change tool for furniture, outdoor pieces and large surfaces, spray paint also adds a saturated covering or urban dash of color reminiscent of the graffiti style to canvases or prints for decorating indoors.


Although kids enjoy them a lot, stickers aren't just for activity books. They can be beautiful and personal additions to scrapbooks, journals and family projects such as activity calendars and bulletin boards.

Stamps and Ink Pads

Creating a repeating motif or running theme whether in books or on fabric and painting surfaces is easy with pre-cut stamps and ink. Varieties of designs, colors and finishes of ink are widely available at craft stores, or you can carve out your own stamps and mix custom colors.

Staple Gun

A staple gun can be to crafting what duct tape is to home repairs -- it holds things together in a pinch, literally! Whether it's tacking upholstery or stretching canvas across a frame, a staple gun is a multi-purpose and pretty foolproof tool.

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