Craft Glossary

Craft Glossary H-K

Jewelry-making Tools

Needle-nosed pliers, plane metal wire in copper, silver or flat steel, and beads by the bucket load all go into making drop earrings, artsy rings and statement necklaces for sharing among friends or selling at local shops or online.


Whether you're making your own or customizing blank books, journals make excellent gifts and can be decorated on the inside and/or outside with embossing, stamping and dying.


Once the early evening hobby of grandmothers and great aunts everywhere, knitting and pearling is a craft that has had a renaissance in recent decades. No longer just a blanket and sock-making hobby, knitting has become a trendy, fashionable and even social one. Knitting clubs meet in bars and restaurants where male and female knitters conceive elaborate and modern sweaters, scarves, skirts and even "not-your-grandma's" knitted throws.

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