Craft Glossary

Craft Glossary D-G


Having an easel or two not only makes it easier to hold a work of art-in-progress in your home or studio, it also makes it possible to take your projects on the road so you can set up a canvas, sketch pad or watercolor paper anywhere the inspiration strikes. A photographer's tripod is much the same.

Fabric Paint

Transform T-shirts, pillowcases and even upholstery covers in minutes with brush-on or pen style fabric paints that stand up to the washer and dryer. A simple medium for personalizing baby clothes for shower gifts, too.


Buying low-cost frames is part of the creative process for crafters because it adds one more design option for finishing works of art or framing memories for the home. A plain frame in any material can be adorned or even stripped and simplified to suit the piece and the place it will be displayed.

Flowers and Foliage

Real or artificial greenery and blooms help link the outdoors with the indoors and can provide scents -- through treatment with scented oils or sprays, such as a cinnamon-twig broom for the kitchen -- and they add elegance and a sense of place to rooms when framed simply in glass shadow boxes.

Glue Gun

Most crafters have one and few let them gather dust, glue guns can be filled, heated and reused over and over again to join pieces of projects and artworks together with little mess and reliable accuracy. Models vary for working with different materials, but most are affordable and widely available.


Acid-free adhesives are necessary for preserving photos and papers for scrapbooking, and other media have specific glues, too. For instance, wood glues for building small boxes or joining details to dollhouses and signage or metal and plastic compounds for jewelry or frame-making.

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