Clay Crafts

Clay Boats

Make these Clay Boats.
Make these Clay Boats.
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Mold and model clay boats to find what shape floats best.

What You'll Need:

  • Bucket or large bowl
  • Water
  • Plastic table covering
  • Modeling clay
  • Paper clips
  • Pennies or marbles

How to Make Clay Boats:Step 1: Fill a bucket (or even a large bowl) with water. If you are working inside the house, cover the table with a plastic table covering. Step 2: Then take a lump of modeling clay, and experiment! Try shaping the clay into different kinds of boats until you find a shape that will float successfully. Step 3: Once you have figured out what kind of clay shape will float in water, experiment further by testing how many pennies, paper clips, or marbles your boat can carry without sinking. Make an estimate before testing. Then keep adding a penny or paper clip until you've sunk your boat!Go to the next page for a clay craft that will brighten the day.

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