Art Pictures

This still life picture is easy and fun to do.
This still life picture is easy and fun to do.

Run out of ideas for your latest art project? Try these art pictures for kids and revitalize your creative instincts. Each project is thoroughly explained and pictures are also included to help give you an idea of what the final project should look like.

Are you ready to get started making these art pictures? Once you begin, it'll be hard to stop!

Ironed Collage

What do you get when you add a little heat to an art project? Try this ironed collage and find out for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

Still Life Picture Project

Think you can rival Cezanne's still life paintings with something as simple as wallpaper scraps? After you finish this still life picture project, you'll have a little masterpiece of your own.

3-D Picture Project

Break out of two-dimensional space with this fun 3-D picture project.

Kitchen Collection Art Project

Don't throw away all of those kitchen odds and ends. Put them to use with this kitchen collection art project.

Miniature Craft Stick Easel Project

Every budding artist needs to display their work. Give yourself something to prop up your art with this miniature craft stick easel project.

Melted Crayon Art Project

Bring many different crayon colors together with this melted crayon art project. The possibilities are endless.

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