Art Crafts

Sun-Drawn Design Art

How can you make a design without drawing? It's easy -- just use the sun to "draw" a picture.

What You'll Need:

  • Dark-colored construction paper
  • Household objects

Step 1: Gather several household objects such as a wrench, a key, or a small bowl. Place a piece of dark-colored construction paper in a sunny spot outside or near a window. Arrange your objects on the paper.

Step 2: Leave the paper in the sunny spot for a week. After a week, remove the objects and you'll notice that the areas where the objects were are darker than the other areas. Now you have a sun-drawn design.

If you want, you can add some drawing to your picture to make the objects into something specific such as a person from the wrench or an alligator from the key.

Let the music set the mood for the next art craft.

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