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Buckskin Craft

Buckskin Craft
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Explore the history of Native American symbols by re-creating their beauty on pretend pelts with this buckskin craft.

What You'll Need:

  • Brown grocery bag
  • Blunt scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pastel chalks
  • Hairspray (optional)
  • Craft glue or transparent tape

How to make a buckskin:

Step 1: Cut a brown grocery bag in the shape of a pelt.

Step 2: Crumple up the paper until it becomes very soft. Flatten it, then draw a buffalo, sun and moon, or feathers.

Step 3: Color in the picture using pastel chalks. If you want, have an adult spray it with a very light coat of hairspray to set the chalk.

How to make a ceremonial shield:

How to make a ceremonial shield:

Step 1: Cut the brown paper bag in a circle instead of a pelt shape.

Step 2: Crumple the paper, then flatten it and draw a Native American design on the paper.

Step 3: Cut out paper strips to create fringe. Glue or tape the paper strips to the paper circle.

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