Art Crafts

Illustrate a scene with a diorama.
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Exercise your imagination by working on an art craft for kids. These projects are simple and fun, but you'll be impressed with what you've accomplished when you see the results.

Whether you want to decorate paper with mysterious designs or make models of scenes from your wildest imagination, these art crafts will inspire you and show you how to make your ideas a reality.


Follow the links below to learn more about fun art crafts you can make:

Color-Changing Chalk Drawing

You'll be surprised at how a little water adds unexpected colors to your chalk drawings.

Bubble Print Paper Art

Create an effervescent pattern on paper, just by blowing bubbles.

Spin Art

Wild designs result from rapid rotation when you create spin art.

Marbled Paper Art

Make a sophisticated, stone-like texture by marbling a piece of paper.

Diorama Craft

You can model the world in a shoe box with a diorama craft.

Paper Mosaic Art

Put the pieces together and create a cool work of art.

Sun-Drawn Design Art

The sun will trace the pattern that you lay out in this art project.

Mood Music Drawing

Draw along to your favorite song.

Model Space Station Craft

Explore the outer reaches of space and time by building a model space station.

Thank-You Card Craft

Express your gratitude in a heartfelt way with a homemade thank-you card.

Letter Designs Craft

Practice your alphabet and make art at the same time with the letter designs craft.

Acrylic on Acrylic Craft

Make awesome decorations for your bedroom with this fun acrylic craft.

Buckskin Craft

Celebrate the heritage of Native Americans when you make these buckskins.

Keep reading to learn how you can add new shades to a chalk drawing with just a little water.

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