5 Wine CorkCrafts for Happy Hour With Girlfriends


Wine Cork Hearts

Simple, yet still décor worthy.
Simple, yet still d├ęcor worthy.

For an easy introduction to wine cork crafting, try having everyone make wine cork hearts. For this one, you'll need some thin square wooden plank boards of varying sizes, the trusty hot glue gun, and as always, a lot of wine corks. With this particular project, it's best to use corks that were actually used for wine bottles and not newly purchased corks. Pass out different-sized plank boards, plug in the hot glue gun and then take a moment to sketch out your heart outline. Then, line up your corks and glue them to the wood with a glue gun. This project is great for when you want to do more socializing than crafting. You'll have plenty of time to sip and chat while you wait for turns with the glue gun. And always remember to glue the cork with the wine-soaked end facing out for a colorful effect.