5 Wine CorkCrafts for Happy Hour With Girlfriends


Wine Cork Wreath

A wine cork wreath will likely be a group project, unless you have a whole lot of corks to go around. A decent sized wreath will take upwards of 200 wine corks to complete, and that's a lot of vino. Start by using hot glue to place corks on the inside edge of a 12-inch straw wreath. The key for the first layer is to make it as neat and close together as possible. Wedge in corks however you can until it's completely covered. Then, start on a second layer, but make this layer more jagged and random in placement in order to give it dimension. You'll want to cover the entire straw wreath for the bottom layer, but overlapping in places and spacing them out more in others is what you're looking for the top layers. Some people spray paint the wreath green, but leaving it natural adds a classic appeal.