Do what with duct tape? 5 Fun Ideas

All-purpose Household Aid
Duct tape still works for a lot of things.
Duct tape still works for a lot of things.

With so much designer duct tape around, it's easy to forget that this strong, sticky tape was very handy long before it became a crafting essential. Let's explore a few ways a trusty roll of plain silver duct tape can be an invaluable item for your household tool box:

  • Use it to seal tears in your vacuum cleaner hose. It can also seal a pinhole in a garden hose (for a while at least).
  • Use a strip to seal a trash bag closed in wet weather. The glue will stick even in the rain, and your garbage won't end up a soggy mess.
  • Because it's so tacky and moisture resistant, use duct tape to affix a key to the underside of your deck (for easy access when you lock yourself out of your home), or to the undercarriage of your automobile.
  • It's great for holding old books and magazines together.
  • Use thin strips of duct tape to hang outdoor holiday lights. They'll be easier to install and remove.
  • You can temporarily repair your car's water hose with it, so keep a roll of duct tape in the trunk of your car for emergencies.
  • Seal small gaps at the edges of window screens with it or to cover small holes in a window or door screen.
  • Hold cracked window glass together with duct tape until you can replace the window.
  • Apply it to the cuffs of jeans to keep them from fraying in the wash.
  • Use it as a temporary patch for a lost roof shingle.
  • Cover a crack or hole in your vinyl siding with it.
  • Use it to hold down a carpet patch or keep an area rug from shifting on a tile or vinyl floor.
  • Use it as a makeshift pool liner patch. If the rip or hole is small, it will hold pretty well for a few weeks.
  • Corral multiple electrical cords with it.

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