Do what with duct tape? 5 Fun Ideas


Bags and Carryalls

Duct tape is super sturdy, so it's a great construction material for objects like handbags, wallets and computer or phone cases. There are lots of bag and wallet tutorials around. Here's a carryall project that's a useful as it is fun. It uses wrapped strips in a crazy quilt pattern.

  • For this bag, you'll need a roll of duct tape, a balloon and a pair of scissors.
  • Inflate a large balloon, but not completely. Three-quarters full is about right. Too full, and the balloon may pop prematurely.
  • The balloon will be the form on which you'll begin to layer strips of tape for the bag. Short strips of 3 inches or less are best or the curve of the balloon will keep the lengths of tape from lying flat. You can use one tape color or mix it up for a multi-colored, confetti look.
  • Cover all but the top few inches of the balloon with two or three layers of tape. You can arrange the tape so it all goes roughly in the same direction, or get wild with it.
  • Once the bag is completely covered, puncture the balloon with a pin or the tip of your scissors.
  • Cut an even opening the size you want around the top. You'll end up with a curved carryall that has a duct tape exterior and a balloon lining.
  • To finish the project, cut four 16-inch strips of duct tape and place two of them sticky sides together. This will be the bag's handle.
  • Cut the third piece in half lengthwise and wrap each of the two exposed edges of the handle with them.
  • Attach the ends of the handle to either side of the bag's interior about an inch below the rim. Secure them in place with the remaining length of tape.