Do what with duct tape? 5 Fun Ideas

No-sew Fabric

Duct tape can be surprisingly sturdy in items like placemats when you start thinking of it as a water resistant, no-sew fabric. The idea of making, say, a skirt out of duct tape, may seem a little challenging, but using duct tape "fabric" for simple projects is fun, fast and easy.

  • Use a tape measure or yardstick to unroll tape strips to the length you need.
  • Place the strips on a flat surface, sticky side up, overlapping them by about a half-inch.
  • When you've overlapped strips to the desired width of fabric, place a second layer of tape strips over the first, sticky sides together.
  • You'll end up with a panel of double thick tape with the adhesive sides together and the colored sides facing out.
  • Tidy the edges with scissors, a rotary cutter or a craft knife.

Now you have a piece of strong fabric you can use to make fun projects like skirts, decals, headbands and maybe even a prom dress or two if you're ambitious. You can cut duct tape fabric into narrow, even strips and use it to weave baskets, rugs and wall hangings, too. Cover raw edges by wrapping a half strip of tape around any exposed edge of your project for a more finished look.