Do what with duct tape? 5 Fun Ideas


Kid's Projects

Although it may be tempting, let's leave the duct tape to the project.
Although it may be tempting, let's leave the duct tape to the project.

Turning your tween loose with a roll of duct tape doesn't have to be a recipe for disaster. Because colored and patterned duct tape products have a glossy finish, they can look surprisingly professional. Bows make easy and fun first projects. They can be used as jewelry (ring bows), hair ornaments and shoe embellishments. Your tween can even fashion a homemade bowtie for dad. Here's how to add a simple bow to a bobby pin for a crafty and stylish hair ornament.

  • For this project, you'll need a 2-inch roll of colored or patterned duct tape, a bobby pin and a pair of scissors.
  • Cut an 8-inch length of duct tape, and fold the ends toward the middle of the sticky side and press. The idea is to cover the sticky underside of the tape completely by folding it in on itself. When you're finished, you'll have the colored (or patterned) surface on both sides of a 4-inch length of tape. The back side will have a seam running down the middle.
  • Cut an additional piece of tape about 2 inches by one inch. Fold it sticky sides together, leaving an eighth of an inch of the sticky end showing. This will be the cinched center section of the bow. The narrow sticky edge will hold the bow together.
  • Holding the 4-inch piece of duct tape with the seam side down, pinch it in the center crosswise to create a bow shape. Tug the ends down slightly. If you have trouble creating a tidy indentation, try folding the bow accordion style to get it to bend easily.
  • Wrap the short piece of tape around the center of the bow, sticky side facing the bow, and slip the straight side of the bobby pin under the loop. Press the center firmly to make sure the adhesive makes good contact all the way around.