Do what with duct tape? 5 Fun Ideas

Duct tape: Not just for the utility bench anymore.
Duct tape: Not just for the utility bench anymore.

Duct tape has always been a handy item to have around, but it's gone through a number of incarnations over time. Valued for its strength, durability and good "sticking" properties, varieties of this backed, reinforced tape are used in the building industry, in auto racing and even in the space program. Duct tape may have even helped save the Apollo 13 astronauts when it was used to fashion a retrofit Rube Goldberg device to cleanse the air in the lunar module.

Newer incarnations of this classic tape are available in dazzling colors and bold patterns. Decorative duct tape has become a favorite tool for scrapbooking and other crafting applications. Don't limit your creative horizons to paper, fabric and metal. Give duct tape a try. It's easy and inexpensive to use. It's kid friendly, too.

On the next pages, let's look at five fun ways duct tape can be more than a handy adhesive.