10 Splurge-Worthy Crafting Tools


Cake Decorating Airbrushing Systems

Do you have dreams of becoming a local Cake Boss? Baking a delicious cake is only part of the equation -- it's got to look good too. Mastering frosting and fondant are two steps, but painting on color helps you create a more professional-looking cake. You can make your desserts look top-of-the-line with an airbrushing system that uses compressed air to force paint onto the frosted surface.

Even if you use an airbrush for other types of craft products, you'll need a separate one for cake decorating, because you don't want to run the risk of contaminating your dessert with paint that's not safe to eat. Many cake-airbrushing systems come with a collection of food-safe paints. They can typically be found in the $120 to $150 range.