10 Simple Ideas for Casual Crafters


Silverware Cabinet Hardware

If you happen to have a thing for vintage flatware, then you'll love the look of this finished product. Pick your favorite pieces -- forks and spoons work best -- and turn them into cabinet door pulls for your kitchen cabinets or a large, freestanding cabinet. To start, go over each piece with some light steel wool to make sure all the grime is removed. Next, buy some 1-inch aluminum screw posts, either from a craft store or hardware store. Glue the posts onto the backs of the flatware, one about an inch from the top, the other roughly an inch from the bottom, making sure to attach them to the flattest part of the flatware. Once it fully sets and dries, all you have to do is treat it like standard door pulls and use a screw from the inside of the cabinet door to attach it.