10 Popular Craft Projects



Like getting your hands dirty? You'll love sculpting!
Like getting your hands dirty? You'll love sculpting!

Are you a person who likes to get your hands dirty? If so, sculpting may be the craft for you. Sculptors use wet clay to form works of art or practical items like bowls or pots. Beginners form and shape the clay by hand, while professionals may use a tool called a pottery wheel, which spins the clay as you use your hands to shape the object. Depending on the type of projects you plan to work on, sculpting can be done at home or in a pottery studio. Costs can vary depending on the clay you work with and the complexity of your work.

One of the best things about sculpting is that it's accessible to all age groups. Children use brightly colored clay to form animals and small toys, while older crafters may sculpt dishes or mugs. Once the object has been shaped, it may be fired in a kiln so that the clay will harden, then painted or glazed to add color.

Even if your creative skills are limited, you'll likely enjoy the feeling of wet clay between your fingers as you give sculpting a try.