10 Popular Craft Projects



When you make a quilt, you're doing more than creating a fun craft. You're also creating an object that brings warmth and comfort and that may even serve as a family heirloom for future generations. Quilts are made from small scraps or squares of fabric, which are often left over from worn-out clothing, blankets or other items. Using these scraps, quilters can create a work of art at little or no cost.

Quilts can be used for practical purposes, such as keeping you warm on a cold night, but they're also quite sentimental objects. They're a way to preserve and display special fabrics, such as baby blankets or wedding gowns, and can be passed on and added to by each generation to extend the family history. Family members may also join in to create a special quilt to commemorate an occasion, such as a new baby or a marriage.

To get started with quilting, you need only a needle, thread and a bit of fabric. As your skills improve, you can add filler to fluff up your quilt or expand beyond the basic square pattern to create unique designs and shapes.