10 Essential Supplies for Your Craft Closet



Few and far between are the crafters who don't own a glue gun and the requisite sticks. Depending on the project, it's sometimes necessary to use other types of adhesives. Non-toxic glue (picture the stuff you used in elementary school) is available in liquid or stick form, and is practically a rite of passage for any crafty child. The purpose of wood glue is obvious thanks to its name, but should only be used on projects that are kept indoors. Craft glue is excellent for projects involving anything from paper to fabric to cardboard. Of course, any heavy duty project that calls for an adhesive with muscle should turn to any brand of super glue to get the job done. Ensure that all glues -- particularly the "super" variety -- are stored out of reach of children and pets. Many of the more innocuous versions are nontoxic, but plenty are not, plus they pack the potential for a mean, adhesive mess.