10 Essential Supplies for Your Craft Closet


Crafting Tools

A utility knife is a multipurpose crafting tool.
A utility knife is a multipurpose crafting tool.

Some crafting projects are so involved that they require their own host of tools other than a needle and thread. Whether you enjoy following kits with instructions or creating art from scratch, there are a few items you should consider obtaining to get the job done faster and easier. Among the most commonly used are wire cutters and a single hole punch. An X-ACTO knife is also a wise purchase for crafters who regularly need to score or cut as precisely as possible. A T Square ruler is another must have for sewers, quilters and any other crafter who needs to be able to accurately measure, trace and mark lines or locations for things like buttonholes or seams. A rotary tool is a must for anyone interested in woodwork, engraving or simply drilling holes required for a project. Be sure to wear protective glasses anytime you use this or any other type of motorized tool. Bits of glass and wood aren't exactly fun to dislodge from the eye.