10 Essential Supplies for Your Craft Closet


Scrap Fabrics

Quilters, in particular, find that having a wide range of scrap fabrics is helpful when designing a new project. First, it'll keep you from running out to the fabric store and spending a ton of money every time you come up with a new design. Second, a hodgepodge of complementing colors and patterns gives any quilt or other sewing project an added depth that just wouldn't be there if everything is perfectly matchy-matchy.

Those of you adept at making clothes or costumes are also bound to appreciate the helpfulness of the scrap fabric bin. So, when you're out shopping for new material, consider future projects when making selections, but also consider the fabric's potential down the line. That gloriously fuzzy, purple scrap could be an ideal component of your daughter's next Halloween costume, or even be transformed into an offbeat purse. When it comes to fabric, the sky's truly the limit.