10 Essential Supplies for Your Craft Closet

Painting supplies are a must-have for any craft closet.
Painting supplies are a must-have for any craft closet.
Dougal Waters/Digital Vision/Getty Images

For many people, learning to color inside the lines is the beginning of a lifelong love affair with arts, crafts and all things related. Some of us choose to concentrate on one or two main hobbies, like building model airplanes or crocheting itty-bitty baby clothes. Other artists prefer to operate as jacks-of-all-trades, dabbling in a little bit of this and that with few boundaries drawn. As with any hobby, if you keep at it long enough, you're likely to wind up with a ton of supplies. On the other hand, you might be missing some key crafting items and tools that other hobbyists swear by.

If you're serious about crafting, but aren't sure how your stock stacks up, take a look at our list of craft closet must-haves. We'll begin with items that aren't too crafty in their own essence, but are completely necessary, nonetheless.

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