Veteran's Day Crafts

Wooden Spoon Soldiers

Wooden Spoon Soldiers Veterans Day Craft
Wooden Spoon Soldiers Veterans Day Craft

This army of wooden-spoon soldiers will be sure to protect all the ice cream at your Veterans Day party.

What You'll Need:

Wooden ice cream spoons


Construction paper



Aluminum foil


Bring this army to your Veterans Day picnic to protect the food and decorate the table.

Before you make your army, decide what colors the uniforms will be. It will look more realistic if you have all your soldiers wearing the same outfit.

Color a hat and face on the top part of each spoon. Cut out hats from construction paper, and glue them on.

Color the uniforms onto each spoon handle. Don't forget to color the backs of your spoons, too.

Make tiny badges of honor from foil and bits of ribbon, and glue them onto your bravest soldiers. When the glue dries -- one, two, three, march!

Don't let a rainy day ruin your Veterans Day fun. On the next page you'll learn about some raindrops everybody will want to see.

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