Valentine's Day Crafts

Queen of Stolen Hearts Game

Queen of Stolen Hearts Game Valentine's Day Craft
Queen of Stolen Hearts Game Valentine's Day Craft

In the Queen of Stolen Hearts Game, you have to be quick to outsmart the Queen and steal her hearts.

What You'll Need:

Construction paper


Clear tape

Fake jewels


Cardboard tube


Crepe paper or ribbons

Make a queen's crown out of a band of construction paper that has been taped together at the ends. Cut out and tape triangular shapes around the band to make the crown's points. Glue on fake jewels and glitter.

Cover a cardboard tube with foil. Form a ball out of foil, and tape it onto the top of the tube to make the queen's scepter. Tape on crepe paper streamers or ribbons to the other end. Decorate a chair with ribbons and more foil to make a throne. Cut out large hearts from red construction paper.

Now you are ready to play the Stolen Hearts Game. The large hearts are the bases. One person is chosen to be the Queen and sit on the throne. The other players are the Knaves, and they stand on the heart bases.

Whoever is left without a heart is the Court Fool. She or he must try to steal a heart whenever the Queen raises her scepter and says 'All change hearts.' Whoever is left without a heart to stand on must be the new Fool.

Players can take turns being the Queen. For variety, the Queen can turn on a tape, CD, or the radio when she wants the Knaves to change places; she turns it off when she wants them to grab a heart.

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