Valentine's Day Crafts

Drinking Straw Necklace

A drinking straw necklace makes a great Valentine's Day gift.
A drinking straw necklace makes a great Valentine's Day gift.

The Drinking Straw Necklace lets you to shower your valentine with jewels.

What You'll Need:

Thin red and white poster board



Plastic red and white drinking straws

Red embroidery thread

Embroidery needle

White box or bag


Draw and cut out 1/2-inch hearts from red and white poster board (cut out between 15 to 25). Have an adult help you cut the drinking straws into 1/2-inch pieces. (To keep pieces from flying, cut the straws inside a large grocery bag.) Cut a length of embroidery thread the length you want the necklace -- be sure the loop is long enough to pass over a person's head.

Tie the thread to a straw piece at one end to keep the pieces from falling off as you string them. Thread the other end of the thread with an embroidery needle. To make your necklace, take turns threading hearts and straw pieces until the thread is full. You may need an adult to help you carefully push the needle through the center of each cardboard heart.

To finish, remove the needle and the end straw piece, and tie the two ends of the string together. Put your necklace in a small white box or bag that you decorated with the words 'Be Mine.' Whoever gets these beautiful jewels will surely want to be yours forever.

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