Valentine's Day Crafts

Lovebirds Balloons
Lovebirds Balloons
Lovebirds Balloons

The couple in the lovebirds balloons craft won't be the only lovebirds this Valentine's Day.

What You'll Need:

Balloons (red and white)

Begin by inflating a balloon nearly all the way. Inflate another balloon, leaving a four-inch tail.

Fold the longer balloon into a big ring. Squeeze air into the balloon tail. Pinch and twist-lock the end of the balloon.

Pull the top of the loop toward the locked ends but not all the way. Gently squeeze this portion to create the heart-shaped curve. You now have the completed heart-shaped swing.

Pull the top of the loop to the locked end.

Pinch and twist three four-inch bubbles.

Twist three four-inch bubbles.

Hold the second and third bubbles together and twist-lock.

Twist the second and third bubbles together.

Pinch and twist a four-inch bubble.

Another four-inch bubble.

Gently push that bubble between the two that have been twist-locked, as shown.

Push the bubble between the first two.

Pinch and twist two round bubbles.

Pinch and twist two four-inch bubbles.

Hold the four-inch bubbles together and twist-lock.

Pinch and twist a four-inch bubble.

Repeat the step illustrated just above once.

Fold the first and last bubbles together and twist-lock.

Connect the birds to the swing.

Twist-lock the base of the birds to the base of the heart-shaped swing.

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