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Valentine Heartthrob Bag

Valentine Heartthrob Bag
Valentine Heartthrob Bag

Keep your Valentine's Day cards in a special Valentine heartthrob bag. Watch your heartthrob dance as you add more Valentines.

What You'll Need:

Pink gift bag with handles, approximately 8×9-1/2 inches

Card stock or construction paper: white, red, purple

22 inches thick cord

Silver glitter glue



Decorative-edge scissors

Straight-edge scissors

Glue stick

Heart-shape paper punch

Black felt-tip marker

Sketch a 4-1/2-inch heart onto white paper and a 5-1/2-inch heart onto red paper. Cut out the white heart using decorative-edge scissors and the red heart with straight-edge scissors. Turn the red heart upside down, and glue the white heart onto the tip of of it.

Cut the cord into two 11-inch pieces; set aside. Place the valentine body in the center of the bag. With a pencil, make a dot on the bag on both sides of the red heart where it meets the white heart. Also, mark two dots about an inch apart at the upside-down V of the red heart. Remove the hearts.

Using straight-edge scissors, gently poke a hole through the front of the bag at each of these four dots. Thread one piece of cord in and out of the top holes and the other in and out of the bottom holes. Pull through to make the ends even. Glue the valentine body in place on the bag; let dry completely. Cut the arms and legs to desired length, and tie a knot in each end.

Pull the cords through the bag. Pull the cords through the bag.
Pull the cords through the bag.

Cut two two-inch red hearts for feet, and cut out red and purple hearts in a variety of sizes to decorate the bag and the body. Use a heart-shape paper punch for the smallest hearts. Glue in place, choosing two medium-size red hearts for eyes and two slightly smaller red hearts for cheeks. Draw a mouth with black marker, and add silver glitter glue details and embellishments.

Glue the feet to the ends of the leg cords.

The best thing about this bag is that it also gives you a place to store your treasured valentines once the season has passed.

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