Valentine's Day Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Pup

The Pipe Cleaner Pup is a fun project that is easy to make.
The Pipe Cleaner Pup is a fun project that is easy to make.

This adorable Pipe Cleaner Pup will make your valentine want to bark with delight.

What You'll Need:

Red construction paper



3 chenille stems

Craft glue

2 small wiggle eyes


Cut a 2x3-inch strip of red construction paper. Hold the 3 chenille stems together so that the ends are even. Roll the paper strip around the middle of the chenille stems, and glue the paper closed. Bend one chenille stem at each end to make the puppy's neck and tail. Curl the tail up so it looks like a little hook.

Bend the remaining chenille stems down to make the puppy's feet. Cut a small heart shape out of construction paper to make the puppy's head. Cut out two smaller heart shapes to make the puppy's ears, and glue them to the larger heart.

Glue on the wiggle eyes, and draw a nose and mouth. Glue the head to the puppy's neck. Give your puppy a name, and deliver it to a lucky valentine.

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