Valentine's Day Crafts

Seed Heart Decoration
Using tweezers to place the seeds prevents your hands from getting too sticky.
Using tweezers to place the seeds prevents your hands from getting too sticky.

The Seed Heart Decoration is a great craft with plenty of ways to express your creativity.

What You'll Need:

6-inch square cardboard

Low-temperature glue gun

Glue sticks


Assorted seeds and beans:

43 pumpkin seeds

30 kidney beans

52 pinto beans

85 small pearl tapioca

58-inch length pink picot satin ribbon, 1/4 inch wide

22-inch length white lace, 1 inch wide

Download the heart pattern and use it to cut a heart out of cardboard. Apply one inch of glue to the inside bottom of the heart, and use tweezers to place the pumpkin seeds into the glue, neatly in a row, with each seed slightly overlapping the last. Continue around the inside of heart, applying glue one inch at a time until you reach the bottom of the heart again.

Repeat the gluing with 2 or 3 more rows of the other seeds (kidney beans, pinto beans, small pearl tapioca).

Cut two 18-inch lengths and one 12-inch length from the pink picot satin ribbon. Glue one end of an 18-inch length to the top back of the heart, and wrap the ribbon around the heart, through the inside and around the outside until you reach the bottom. Spot-glue the end to the back. Repeat with the other 18-inch length for the other half of the heart. Tie a bow in the 12-inch length of pink ribbon, and glue it to the top middle of the heart.

Starting along the back top edge of the heart, apply a few inches of glue and place the binding edge of the 22-inch length of white lace, slightly gathering the lace around the curves.

To make a hanger loop, glue together the ends of the remaining 10-inch length of pink ribbon. Glue the ends to the back top of the heart.

Ribbons and lace put the finishing touches on the Seed Heart Decoration.

Note: Because the seed sizes vary, you may need more or fewer seeds than what is listed on this page.

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