Valentine's Day Crafts

'Heart of Gold' Picture Frame

'Heart of Gold' Picture Frame Valentine's Day Craft
'Heart of Gold' Picture Frame Valentine's Day Craft

'Heart of Gold' Picture Frame lets you put yourself in someone's heart forever.

What You'll Need:





Gold raffia


Draw and cut out a heart-shaped piece of cardboard to make the frame. You can make your frame big or small, depending on the size of the photo you want to put in it. In the inside of your heart, draw and cut out a smaller heart that is big enough for your photo. Be sure the important part of the photo is visible inside the heart shape.

Wind the gold raffia around the frame, going from the outside of the frame in through the middle and then around to the outside again. Cover the frame completely. Secure ends of raffia on the back of frame with glue. Place the frame on another piece of cardboard, and trace its outline. Cut the outline out just inside the line, to make the back a little smaller than the front.

Using the raffia heart as a guide for placement, glue your photo to the backing heart. Glue the backing heart to the back of the raffia frame. Using the pattern shown below right as a guide, draw and cut out a cardboard stand to fit your frame. Glue it to the back of your frame. It's a golden gift.

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