Valentine's Day Crafts

Heart Flowers

Heart Flowers are a new twist on an
Heart Flowers are a new twist on an

What You'll Need:

Green chenille stems

Construction paper




Candy message hearts



Tissue paper

Take a bouquet of heart-shaped flowers to a loved one this Valentine's Day. To make the stems of your flowers, twist two chenille stems together. You can make some chenille stems longer by laying them end to end and twisting the ends together. You may want some flowers to be longer than others to give your bouquet more variety.

Cut two same-size hearts out of construction paper. You will need two hearts for each flower you want to make. Cut each set of hearts different sizes. Staple the hearts front to back around the stem so that the chenille stem is held tightly in place. Then decorate the hearts with markers and by gluing on a few tiny candy message hearts.

Tie ribbons in bows around the stems, and gather the bunch of heart flowers and wrap them in a tissue paper cone. Tie the cone with more ribbons to keep the flowers together. Present your heart flowers to your beloved.

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