Valentine's Day Crafts

Try a new manicure on Valentine's Day.
Try a new manicure on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day crafts are a wonderful way to show your loved ones just how much you care.

In this article you will discover crafty ways to celebrate the fun and romance of Valentine's Day. Check out the following pages to get more out of your Valentine's Day.


Stained Glass Heart

Let your love shine through with a heart-shaped stained glass project made with tissue paper.

Valentine Ideas

Learn how to make your Valentine's Day card stand out from the crowd.

Drinking Straw Necklace

The drinking straw necklace consists of straw beads and cardboard hearts, an easy project for little hands.

Blown-Egg Sachet

A gift never smelled so sweet. See how to make a sweetly-scented sachet from an empty eggshell.

Caramel Nut Sweets

Make sweets for your sweetie with an easy-to-make candy recipe.

Queen of Stolen Hearts Game

Get active and steal some hearts with a quick-paced game of stealth and wits.

Candy Clips

Cleverly-made clips featuring candy message hearts will remind your valentine how much you care the whole year through.

Love Potion Number Nine

A frosty, fruity drink so good, everyone will want to be your valentine.

Brokenhearted Puzzle

Send your loved one a secret message using a homemade valentine puzzle.

Flying Cupid Mobile

Let a Cupid mobile hover over your Valentine's Day party and Cupid will do the rest.

Heart Flowers

Give a traditional Valentine's Day gift a new twist with a homemade heart bouquet.

Swinging Valentine Puppet

Entertain your valentine with a puppet show using your own puppets.

Love Knot

Learn how to make love knots, one of the oldest traditions of Valentine's Day.

'Heart of Gold' Picture Frame

Picture your love in an adorable heart-shaped frame made with gold raffia.

Homemade Hearts

Spice up your life with aromatic heart-shaped ornaments.

Seed Heart Decoration

Make a seed-covered heart-shaped gift for your sweetheart.

Red-Hot Hearts Nail Decorations

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a festive two-tone nail design.

Pipe Cleaner Pup

Give a Pipe Cleaner Pup that howls with puppy love.

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

Decorate your door or party with a versatile Valentine's Day decoration.

Valentine's Day Pins

Wear your heart on your sleeve with a pin made from dough.


Advanced crafters will enjoy tackling a heart made from beads.

Valentine Candy Magnet

Deceivingly delightful-looking candy magnets made from moldable plastic make for a pretty and practical Valentine's Day present.

Valentine Heartthrob Bag

This easy-to-make bag is the perfect place to store all your Valentines.

Sweetheart Sachet

This sweet-smelling sachet is a great gift for a special friend.

Lovebirds Balloons

Love will be in the air this Valentine's Day when you make these balloon crafts.

In the next section, you will learn how to make a stained glass heart, an eye-popping gift for your valentine.

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