Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine Holder

Be as creative as you want with your Valentine's Day card holder.
Be as creative as you want with your Valentine's Day card holder.

Make a valentine holder that looks like a miniature castle. This fun kids' holiday craft is only limited by the imagination.

What You'll Need:


Square tissue box(es)

Paper towel tubes


Craft glue

Construction paper

Craft supplies (paint, paintbrush, glitter, stickers, ribbon, etc.)

Cover your work surface with newspaper. Arrange your box or boxes how you would like them to be. Cut the paper towel tubes to different lengths, and arrange them on your boxes.

For a castle, use a large tissue box for the main building, then put paper towel rolls on the ends for turrets. When you are happy with the arrangement, it's time to decorate your architecture!

Glue construction paper to cover the box(es) and the paper towel tubes. Replace your box(es) and paper towel tubes, and glue them together. Cut a slit in the top of the main box to place your Valentine's Day cards. Decorate your building with paint, glitter, stickers, ribbon -- whatever you want!

The last project is for that very special someone to whom you have already lost your heart. Make a box with a heart in it so they can keep it safe without anyone else ever knowing.

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