Valentine's Day Cards

Birch Bark Valentines

Birch Bark Valentine's Day card.
Birch Bark Valentine's Day card.

Make unusual valentines out of birch bark. This great holiday craft for kids takes you out in nature.

What You'll Need:

Thin birch bark (use only fallen or loose bark that is peeling off naturally)

Ink pen

Natural object

Scrap of ribbon

The paper birch is an unusual and delicate tree. Its waterproof white bark was used by Native Americans to make canoes. It can also be used like paper to make these valentines.

Find a paper birch tree with thin strips of bark that have fallen or is already peeling off. Tear off only what you will use. Be careful not to tear off living bark -- it could harm the tree!

Next, take a walk in a park, woodland, or other place where you can find early flowers, feathers, or evergreen twigs. With permission, collect a few natural treasures that you think are pretty.

Lay your treasures out at home and let them inspire a Valentine poem. Evergreen twigs may make you think of a friendship that is "ever green." Flowers may stand for a blossoming friendship.

When you have composed your poem, write it on a piece of birch bark. Roll the bark around the feathers, flowers, or whatever objects you have used in your verse. Tie the valentine with a ribbon and surprise someone on Valentine's Day -- or any day!

This was a very unusual valentine's card, but most cards are about the same shape and size. Why not go to the next page to find out how to make a nifty holder for all your Valentine's Day cards.

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