Valentine's Day Cards

Thumbelina Valentines

Thumbelina Valentine's Day card
Thumbelina Valentine's Day card

Thumbelina valentines are an easy kids' holiday craft with very a unique outcome. Make guaranteed one-of-a-kind valentines with your thumb.

What You'll Need:

White construction paper

Washable colored stamp pads



Waterproof pen

What could show your love more on Valentine's Day than a valentine only you could make? Use the most unique part of your body, your thumb, and give your valentine a heart-shaped thumb print message.

Fold a piece of white construction paper in quarters to make a greeting card. Think of how many thumb print hearts you want to include on the front of your card, or experiment as you go.

To make a thumb print heart, press your clean thumb firmly on a stamp pad. Then press your thumb on the paper at a 45-degree angle. Let the print dry, then re-ink your thumb, and press it right next to the first thumb print so the bottoms overlap.

The second thumb print should be tilted in a 45-degree angle in the opposite direction.

If you want, draw an arrow through your heart, and write a valentine's message on the card. Or you could make several thumb print hearts, draw faces on them, and add speech balloons to write your messages in.

If you are not so good with words or just don't care for poetics, then go to our next project to find out about very special valentine symbols.

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