Valentine's Day Cards

Rebus Valentine

A rebus Valentine's Day card.
A rebus Valentine's Day card.

For this Valentine's Day, send your card with a message in rebus writing, and challenge your friends to figure out the meanings of the picture sentences. It's a great holiday craft for kids and is sure to be appreciated much.

What You'll Need:


Markers or crayons

First figure out your valentine message. Rebus writing uses pictures, objects, or symbols that have names that sound like the words you want to express.

To write a rebus message, first write your valentine greeting on scrap paper. Then figure out pictures and letters you can use to come up with the sounds for each word. There are many different ways to represent any word.

Use your creativity to come up with fun and original pictures for each word of your message, and then put your friends to the test!

For example, "You are the apple of my eye" can be written using a picture of a ewe for the word "you," the letter "R" for the word "are," a picture of an apple for "apple," the letter "M" + a picture of an eye for "my," and a picture of an eye for "eye."

"I like you!" can be written: picture of an eye for "I," the letter "L" + a picture of a bike - the letter "B" for "like," and the letter "U" for "you." "Be mine!" can be written: picture of a bee for "be," and the letter "M" + the number "9" - the letter "N" for "mine."

There are many ways to say to someone that he or she is special. The next project is about making a card that is so personal that no one else can make one like it.

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