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Turkey Door Decoration

Turkey Door Decoration
Turkey Door Decoration

A bag with handles is a perfect fit over a doorknob. Make this turkey door decoration, and give thanks for the holiday.

What You'll Need:

8×10-inch paper bag with handles

Card stock or construction paper: yellow, orange, brown

Red felt rickrack, 5 inches

2 wiggle eyes





Paper crimper

Craft glue

Lay the bag flat on your work surface with the bottom fold facing up.

Trace the feather pattern onto card stock or paper to make four yellow, three orange, and two brown feathers. Cut out, and decorate the tips of the feathers with markers.

Fold each feather in half lengthwise, and put through the paper crimper. Unfold, and glue them to the bag, starting with the center feather and working out to the sides.

Draw a peanut-shape head on brown paper and trace the beak pattern onto orange paper; cut out. Outline the head with brown marker.

Fold the rickrack in half, and glue just the ends to the center of the face. Fold the beak in half to make a crease; unfold, and glue it over the ends of the rickrack. Glue the wiggle eyes above the beak.

Glue the head to the bag so the top half is on the bag and the bottom half is on the bag bottom. Fold in the sides of the bottom, forming triangles that look like wings; glue in place.

Form a triangle with the bottom's sides. Form a triangle with the bottom's sides.
Form a triangle with the bottom's sides.

Note: Enlarge patterns by 133 percent.

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