Turkey Crafts

Turkey Day Decoration

Clay turkey day decoration craft.
Clay turkey day decoration craft.

This clay turkey can be used as a colorful Thanksgiving decoration on a holiday dinner table, in a window, or even peeking out of a bookshelf.

What You'll Need:

Modeling clay

Stiff paper


Crayons or markers


Paper cups


Cotton swabs

Turn a ball of clay and a handful of cotton swabs into a fat turkey with a tail full of feathers.

To make the turkey, roll some modeling clay into a ball for the turkey's body.

Cut a turkey head and neck shape from a piece of stiff paper. Draw the turkey's eyes and color the head, beak, wattle, and neck. Insert the stiff paper head and neck piece into the clay body.

Now you're ready for the tail. Lay newspaper on your work surface. Pour a small amount of several different colors of paint into different cups. Place the turkey and paint cups on the newspaper.

Dip one side of the cotton swab in a paint cup, and attach the other end to the turkey's rump. Keep dipping and attaching until the turkey's tail is colorful and full.

Your Thanksgiving table will be extra festive with the addition of the turkey table favors on the next page.

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