Thanksgiving Activities

Turkey Feathers Game

This Thanksgiving, know your feathered friends -- or lose the game! Turkey Feathers Game is a fun holiday activity for all.

Gather together five or more players for this fast-paced game.

One person is the leader, who will say "Turkey Feathers, Turkey Feathers" while flapping his or her arms. Other players should flap their arms, too.

The leader keeps calling out, "Turkey Feathers" again and again, sometimes

naming other creatures -- some that have feathers and some that do not. For example, the leader may say, "Chicken Feathers, Pig Feathers, Dog Feathers, Turkey Feathers, Turkey Feathers, Mouse Feathers, Robin Feathers" while flapping and flapping his or her arms.

Any other player who flaps her or his arms when a non-feathered creature, such as pig or dog or mouse, is called is out, is out of the game. The last person still playing when everyone else is out gets to be the leader for the next round.

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