Thanksgiving Activities

Salt and Pepper Pilgrims

Salt and pepper pilgrims Thanksgiving craft.
Salt and pepper pilgrims Thanksgiving craft.

These salt and pepper pilgrims will make sure that your Thanksgiving table is always well-seasoned. Salt and pepper pilgrims make for a great holiday craft.

What You'll Need:

2 clean, empty spice jars with shaker tops





At the very first Thanksgiving there were no salt and pepper shakers. But there were pilgrims! Now you can have pilgrims at your Thanksgiving with these nifty shakers that you make from spice jars.

Make sure that each jar is well washed and dried. Paint a male pilgrim on one and a female pilgrim on the other. Label one jar "Salt" and one jar "Pepper."

Now fill them up to decorate your Thanksgiving table!

Another key ingredient for Thanksgiving is of course turkey -- but not all turkeys have to be on the table. Learn a "turkey feathers" game on the next page.

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